RIMS-Broward VIRTUAL Meeting & Presentation: "The Mindset of Safety... With a Pandemic Twist"

When:  Oct 21, 2020 from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM (ET)
Associated with  Broward County

Our Presentation This Month...

The Mindset of Safety... With a Pandemic Twist
David O’Boyle, MS, CSP, OHST, CEAS, CSA
Division Safety Director 
Service Master  

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We have a great presentation lined up for you that will touch on several topics! 

We're going to take a look at a workplace that experienced a fatality event, and through the subsequent 3-year period that led to the company achieving the OSHA VPP Star merit award.  This is a "worst to first" journey. In this section we'll also discuss:

    * The definition of a 'safety mindset'
    * The Power of the "why"
    * The 4 Signs of a workplace with a 'safety mindset'

Now let's consider how the pandemic will affect your safety program, new rules and workplace considerations that are under discussion.  And let's not forget about OSHA, and that agency's new inspection actions related to the pandemic! 

Remember that safety excellence is a journey that never ends.  We will continue to make progress when there is pride in what has been accomplished, vision of where we want to go, and action planning to achieve it.   It takes a 'Mindset of Safety' to achieve World Class.

Pass this along to all of your safety professionals, and anyone else who may be interested in this ongoing topic of concern during the pandemic... and beyond!

David O’Boyle, MS, CSP, OHST, CEAS, CSA
Division Safety Director

Service Master

David is a multi-degreed safety professional and is highly experienced in the development of corporate and private sector safety programs. David has presented his programs and experiences to both state and national organizations including two provinces in Canada. He has hands-on experience with developing job specific safety plans and job site hazard analysis for industries such as, large & small industrial/manufacturing organizations, distribution center and fleet operations, healthcare and private organizations.
David has developed extensive safety training programs for both frontline employee and frontline supervisors and continues to train workers in all aspects of Occupational Safety and Health. David has assisted several insurance representatives in the development risk management / loss control programs to aggressively manage claims both auto and injury. He continues to be a leader in the safety community and participates in many local safety committees including the NSC, BCSP and the American Society of Safety Engineers.




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